Are you a Norwegian exporter or producer who wants to conduct market activities to increase your sales, strengthen your position, and build strong relationships with your customers?

Through Company Initiative, the Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) can help more products to reach more customers. If you plan an activity where the Norwegian origin and the country of origin label (Seafood from Norway) is part of the communication, up to 50% of the activity can be co-funded. You will of course gain access to NSCs market competence in Norway and overseas.

Please note that we are in the process of simplifying this form of cooperation by offering standardized solutions to those who wish to enter a partnership. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us before you start developing new projects and market materials.

How does this work? – 6 simple steps

1) Discusscaret

Speak with one of the NSCs Country Directors before commencing activity. Our local representatives can help provide advice and insight for the market in question, in addition to being able to clarify the scope of the opportunity at an early stage. It is of course also possible to speak with the head office in Tromsø.

2) Plancaret

Create a plan describing the activity, objective, budget and timeline. If material is developed at this stage, it is submitted.

3) Developcaret

If material has not been developed, you receive an initial grant of up to 50% of the costs, allowing you to start the development. When the activity and materials have been developed, the NSC should be involved to ensure that an adequate reference is made to the product’s Norwegian origin, in line with the select criteria. You may want to set aside time for any fine-tuning of the material.

4) Agreecaret

When the plan and material is completed a final agreement is drawn up, which specifies the share of financials and the terms of cooperation.

5) Executecaret

The activity must be carried out in accordance with the agreed plan.

6) Evaluatecaret

When the activity is completed it will be evaluated according to criteria set out in “documentation requirements and evaluation.”

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