The country of origin mark “Seafood from Norway” is a collective label that adds value across the Norwegian seafood industry. Here you can find descriptions and examples on how the label is to be used in order to be understood across different markets. 

Every day several million Norwegian seafood meals are served all over the world. Norwegian seafood is unique because it originates from cold, clear waters, unites several generations of experience with modern knowledge, and is harvested and farmed in a sustainable manner.

The country of origin mark “Seafood from Norway” tells consumers the world over that this seafood bears all these important qualities. That's why the mark adds value across the entire Norwegian seafood industry. The Norwegian Seafood Council wants to make sure all parties benefit equally and that the mark is perceived the same way in all markets. We have therefore developed guidelines for its use. More information about guidelines and terms for the use of the country of origin mark can be found here.

We encourage the seafood industry to use the label “Seafood from Norway” as tests show that consumers do perceive it as a country of origin mark.

However, “Seafood from Norway” is an origin label and therefore should not used alone as a logo. Instead, it should always be used together with the chain, exporter or product logo. “Seafood from Norway” is a collective label for the industry and is not to be used as the main label. Other labels should always be of the same size or larger.

Combined with other logos, the mark makes sure that consumers all over the world chose seafood from Norway.