The Skrei quality label is a protected trademark registered and managed by the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Quality labelling scheme

The Norwegian Seafood Council has defined a Norwegian Standard (NS 9406 - Skrei) together with the seafood industry that is linked to a quality label for Skrei. The quality label is a guarantee to the buyer that the Skrei meets all quality requirements imposed by the standard. Only Skrei and Skrei products that are handled and packaged in accordance with NS 9406 - Skrei may carry the Skrei quality label.  Any company that labels and sells Skrei under the quality label is responsible for ensuring that all quality requirements are met.

Licence agreements

The quality label for Skrei can only be added by Norwegian packaging or filleting facilities that have signed a licence agreement with the Norwegian Seafood Council. The licence agreement is confirmation by the user that the company is familiar with the contents of the quality labelling scheme and that the company is committed to complying with the guidelines and quality requirements it contains.

Monitoring regime

The Norwegian Seafood Council manages and protects the Skrei quality label on behalf of the Norwegian seafood industry. An important part of this is quality inspections of Skrei carrying the quality label. These inspections are carried out by an independent third party, referred to as the 'Skrei Patrol', both in Norway and in other important markets for quality-labelled Skrei.

Information sheet on quality-labelled Skrei

It is important that buyers of quality-labelled Skrei are aware that special requirements exist for Skrei that are associated with the quality label and that all links in the value chain are responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the product until it reaches the consumer. The Norwegian Seafood Council has therefore prepared an information sheet to inform buyers of quality-labelled Skrei of the most important quality requirements for Skrei carrying the quality label. This information sheet can be found under 'Attachments' on this page in various languages.