Welcome to the international Shrimp and Shellfish Conference organized in cooperation with the North Atlantic Seafood Forum and International Coldwater Prawn Forum.

The International Shellfish Event 2017 will focus on the market position and business potential of shellfish in the global seafood industry. What are the new trends and how can shellfish meet the market in a volatile world? This year the focal species will be snow crab, king crab, scallops and cold water prawn.

  • 09:00 Opening and welcome

        By CEO Mrs. Renate Larsen - Norway, Norwegian Seafood Council

  • 09:10 Agenda and procedure of the day

        By moderator, Partner Mr. Jens Henrik Møller - Denmark, GEMBA Seafood Consulting 


Session 1:   Global trends in shellfish

  • 09:15 Trends in global shellfish consumption – where are the shellfish markets?

        By Mrs. Kristin Lien - Norway, Norwegian Seafood Council 

  • 09:35   News in foodservice: How do we serve the best menu – Sushi is increasing – how do shellfish get a bigger part?

        By CEO Mrs. Lise Lotte Callesøe - Denmark, Flying Seafood Group Foods

        Q and A

  • 10:00 Needs and challenges for shellfish in the seafood market – UK perspective

        By TBA

  • 10:20 How should we compete against the warm water prawns in the UK market?

        By TBA

  • 10:40 The position of crabs in the French market

        By TBA

        Q and A

11:10             Coffee break - Networking and business opportunities 


Session 2:     Products and market developments in shellfish categories

  • 11:40 The secrets of King Crab and Snow Crab in Asia

        By Mrs. Gøril Voldnes - Norway, Nofima and Sales Manager Mr. Erlend Johansen - Norway, CapeFish

  • 12:10 How can scallops gain market share in Europe?

        By TBA

  • 12:30 Branding of shellfish – a part of the Lerøy Brand

        By Mr. Morten Hyldborg Jensen - Norway, Lerøy Shellfish

        Q and A 

13:00 Lunch - Networking and business opportunities


Session 3:     Increased consumption of shellfish

Case studies on shellfish

  • 14:00 New opportunities and possibilities for shellfish in high-end gourmet market

        By TBA

  • 14:20 The importance of building a brand

        By Mr. Jan Hillesland – Norway, BigBlue & Company 

  •  14:45 The high-end market for shellfish in Asia – developments and trends

         By Mr. Daughin Montgomery Chen - China, Scandinavian Group  

  • 15:10 Panel debate: Learnings - what can we take home to day – and what do we do?
  • 15:30 Thank you and closing the day

        By Mrs. Renate Larsen- Norway, Norwegian Seafood Council 

After the conference there is held a workshop for Norwegian exporters and fishermen from 16.30 to 18.30. Here we will take up relevant topics that were not discussed at the international part. All Norwegian exporters and fishermen are also invited to attend the dinner from at 19:00.

Registration fee for the Norwegian exporters and fishermen 500, - (incl. VAT).

* This rate is only valid for Norwegian exporters and fishermen. Other participants will pay a normal price of 4375, - (incl. VAT). Registration can be done by sending an e-mail to North Atlantic Seafood Forum: nasf@ccnorway.no


For questions please contact Ingrid Hansen, ih@seafood.no.