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​Norwegian Seafood Council Restructures Its Marketing Operations in India

Due to a significant reduction in funds, The Norwegian Seafood Council has to reduce its global market investments in 2018. As a consequence, the NSCs operations in the Indian market will be restructured, and delivered directly from the headquarters of the Norwegian Seafood Council from spring 2018.

Norwegian seafood exports total NOK 9.1 billion in October

Norway exported 275,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 9.1 billion in October. Volumes were down by 5 per cent, while the total value of exports fell by 3 per cent or NOK 281 million compared with October last year. Year to date, Norway has exported 2.1 million tonnes of seafood with a value of NOK 77.6 billion.
Salmon, Norway, Clipfish, Mackerel

Norway´s seafood exports total NOK 69 billion year-to-date

Despite a decline in seafood exports in September, Norway has exported 1.8 million tonnes of seafood with a value of NOK 69 billion so far this year. This is a volume increase of 3 per cent, and a value increase of 6 per cent or NOK 3.7 billion measured against the same period last year.
Salmon, Trout, Clipfish, Stockfish, Herring, Mackerel

Norwegian seafood exports grew by 7 per cent in August

August was a good month for Norwegian seafood exports. Norway exported 165,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 7.5 billion in August. Volume was 2 per cent higher, while export value increased by 7 per cent or NOK 501 million compared to August last year.
Salmon, Trout, Clipfish, Stockfish, Cod, Herring, Mackerel
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