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Strong demand drives record prices for salmon

Norway exported 165,000 tonnes of seafood with a total value of NOK 8.5 billion in May. Volumes were down by 11 per cent, while export values were up by NOK 821 million.So far this year, Norway has exported 1.2 million tonnes of seafood worth a value of NOK 40 billion. Export volumes have increased by 12 per cent, while the total export value has grown by NOK 1.6 billion or 4 per cent.
Salmon, Clipfish, Mackerel

What a season for Norwegian cod! Spring cod is breaking records

Norway exported 927,000 tonnes of seafood with an export value of NOK 31.5 billion. The volume is the same as last year, and export values have increased by NOK 485 million or 2 per cent, compared with the first four months of 2017. In April, we exported 172,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 7.7 billion. The export volume is down 4 per cent, while exports increased by NOK 847 million or 12 per cent.
Salmon, Norway, Clipfish, Mackerel

Seafood from Norway is Official Seafood Partner for World’s 50 Best Restaurants

The very best of Norwegian shellfish will be on everyone’s lips when the gastronomical elite meets in Bilbao for the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards in June.


Norway exported 676,000 tonnes of seafood with a value of NOK 23.7 billion in the first quarter. This is a volume decline of 8 per cent and a decline of 2 per cent or NOK 488 million compared with the first quarter last year.
Salmon, Clipfish, Mackerel
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