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The Norwegian Seafood Council has it’s head office in Tromsø, Norway, and has representatives in 12 countries. In addition, we work to identify opportunities for Norwegian seafood products in both new and established markets.

Board and management

Central to the board is the development of NSCs close cooperation with the companies within the Norwegian fisheries an aquaculture industry. The main goal is targeted market activities which is implemented either on behalf of or together with the seafood industry. NSCs activities shall, directly or indirectly contribute to either enhanced profitability, market orientation, reputation or further development of the Norwegian seafood industry.

Advisory groups

The advisory groups give NSC input and opinions regarding the work we are performing. This ensures both affiliation and understanding of what we are working with, and why. In addition it ensures the flow of information between NSC and the Norwegian seafood industry.  The advisory groups consist of individual members from different parts of the seafood industy and meets two to four times annually. 

About us

The Norwegian Seafood Council works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood.
About Norwegian Seafood

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