Portugal is the largest market for Norwegian clipfish. On this page you can read about our work in the Portugese market, e.g. our activities in 2024.

The Portugese seafood market

The Portuguese seafood market, especially revered for its iconic dish, "Bacalhau da Noruega," stands as a pivotal market for Norwegian seafood exporters. Portugal has deep cultural roots tied to the legacy of "Bacalhua," considering it an integral part of its culinary heritage. There’s hardly a single restaurant in Portugal that doesn't have bacalhau on the menu, and likewise, there's hardly a Portuguese family where codfish isn't central to their diet, be it for everyday meals or festivities.

As the most significant market for Norwegian cod, "Bacalhau da Noruega" embodies tradition and historical value in Portugal's culinary landscape. The dish's cultural significance in Portuguese cuisine elevates its market importance beyond mere consumption, symbolizing a deep-seated connection to the country's heritage and history. This market is of great importance to Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council is lovally represented by our seafood envoy in Lisbon, Trond Rismo.

The Norwegian supply of saltfish in Portugal has seen growth, despite a reduction in the overall consumption of Bacalhau. While there are emerging challenges due to a decrease in consumption, particularly among younger consumers, and concerns about the rising price and inflation, the Norwegian Bacalhau maintains a dominant market leader position in volume and mental market share in Portugal.

Notably, the Bacalhau da Noruega brand holds significant visibility and awareness in Portugal, making it a critical name in the market. Despite the challenges related to changing consumption trends and purchasing power, opportunities exist to increase Bacalhau consumption beyond traditional seasonal periods, particularly among younger consumers. Portugal's rich history and traditional culinary associations with Bacalhau underscore the importance of maintaining its position and consumption levels in a market where it is perceived as a traditional and revered dish.

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