France is an important market for Norwegian seafood with long traditions. Here we present our work in France. E.g. our market plan for 2024, the latest export numbers and more.


Meet Trine Horne, our country representative in France.

The French seafood market

France plays a central role for Norwegian seafood, and the Norwegian Seafood Council is represented locally in Paris by Trine Horne and our market advisor Solveig Førre. In this diverse market seafood holds a cherished place in the daily French diet, with total seafood consumption per capita reaching 33 kg, an increase of 2.5% in the last three years. France has strengthened its position as a key player in Europe, and Norway, as a significant contributor, delivers 157,528 tonnes of seafood and secures around 7% of the total market share.

France is one of Norway's most important salmon markets, with a 14% increase in consumption per capita over the past three years. The total salmon market has reached 184,000 tonnes, with Norway leading with an impressive market share of 68%. Norwegian salmon is highly valued for its quality, taste and health benefits. A recent extensive survey carried out by Ipsos for Norway's Seafood Council suggests that Norwegian salmon has gained great popularity among the French. Still, there are challenges such as competition from Scottish salmon and changing consumer preferences towards veganism. Despite this, Norwegian salmon remains a reliable brand with a strong focus on sustainability. Seafood representative Trine Horne notices a positive improvement in the reputation of Norwegian salmon in France. Norwegian salmon is now the best-known brand, and most French people have a positive view of Norwegian salmon.

For white fish, France is still the leading seafood market in Europe, with a consumption of 2 kg per capita for cod. Cod has a solid second place after salmon, but the beloved classic has faced some challenges with a 13% decrease in consumption per inhabitant. Availability from Iceland throughout the year has contributed to an increasing market share for them, but Norway still plays an important role with 21,879 tonnes delivered. However, the cod is little known among French consumers in terms of its history and origins. Many people actually believe that it comes from France, and they don't realize that it is almost always caught wild. Cod is also increasingly perceived as boring and requires proper preparation, which explains its decline, especially among younger generations.

Norwegian exporters are active in the French market and has established sales offices, introduce their own brands and even set up production facilities for direct retail deliveries. Despite continuing challenges such as a decline in cod consumption and an increasing emphasis on sustainability, Norway's strong presence in fresh seafood offers an opportunity for growth. Reliability, quality, seasonal fluctuations and sustainability are key drivers for success in this market, where Norwegian seafood maintains a recognized position in French retail.

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