Italy is the most important market for Norwegian stockfish. On this page you can read more about our work in Italy, e.g. our activities in 2024, the latest statistics and more.


Meet Tom-Jørgen Gangsø, our country representative in Italy.

The Italian seafood market

As one of Norway's most important seafood markets, Italy, with its long traditions of consuming clipfish and other conventional products from Norway, is a highly exciting market for Norwegian seafood. Locally, the Seafood Council is represented in Italy by our envoy in Milan, Tom Jørgen Gangsø.

Italy, Europe's third-largest seafood market with a total seafood consumption of 1.8 million tons in 2020 and a consumption rate of 29 kg per capita, represents a significant opportunity for Norwegian seafood. In 2022, Italy was the ninth-largest market for Norwegian seafood and the third-largest in Europe. The Italian salmon market has experienced notable growth, with a 21% increase in consumption per capita over the last three years. Norwegian salmon dominates this market, despite certain challenges related to freezing requirements. The Italian market's increasing focus on health and sustainability underscores its significance for Norwegian exporters.

Moreover, despite recent declines in consumption, the Italian market for clipfish, stockfish, and other whitefish remains substantial. Norway's presence aligns well with Italian consumers' preferences for traditional dishes and natural flavors. Modern retail channels in Italy offer opportunities for innovation. However, challenges include differentiating between various product forms and a growing emphasis on price. Despite these challenges, the importance of marketing origin and storytelling, combined with the retail sector's focus on value-added products, enhances opportunities for Norwegian exporters.

Simultaneously, the Italian stockfish market presents a unique opportunity for Norwegian exporters. With a 9% market share in Europe's third-largest seafood market, Norwegian stockfish products have strong ties to Italian culinary traditions. While the matured taste is a strength, awareness among younger generations poses a challenge. Emphasizing value-added products, along with clear differentiation, offers opportunities for Norwegian stockfish exporters. The market's focus on reliable labeling, such as country of origin and European quality marks, also supports Norwegian exports. Balancing loyalty among older consumers with appealing innovations for younger generations is crucial for sustainable success in the Italian market.

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    The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in Italy is located in Milan. The director in Italy is Tom Jørgen Gangsø. 

    Our marketing advisor in Italy is Jennifer Mazzilli.

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