Do you wish to strengthen the market position of your product or company? The NSC's Joint Marketing Program (formerly Company Initiative) is the NSC’s co-financing program for marketing activities where the Norwegian origin and/or the industry’s trademark, “Seafood from Norway”, is an important part of the communication. 

1) Prepare and plan the projectcaret

Please read the guidelines carefully. This will save you a lot of time later in the process. The program is simple and not very bureaucratic, but it is important to understand which type of costs the NSC can and can not co-finance. Please take special care to read the reporting and documentation requirments, as our co-financing share will depend heavily on adequate reporting. Do not hesitate to contact the NSC if you have any questions regarding planning, applying or reporting.

2) Submit the applicationcaret

Create a plan containing a brief description of the project, an estimated budget, address list (if in-store demos) and a timeline for the activity, and submit your application. Use the online application form, and be sure to prepare all necessary attachments and information before starting the sumbission process. If the address list is not yet confirmed, please submit a tentative list containing the number of planned demonstrations. The application must be submitted to the NSC not less than one month before the start of the project.

3) Agreementcaret

The NSC reviews the application, and if the application complies with the guidelines and there are still unallocated funds available, a final agreement which specifies share of co-financing, the maximum amount of co-financing, and terms of cooperation will be set up. The agreement is then forwarded to the applicant. Please note that the NSC might reduce the share of co-financing if the project is not completed in accordance with the application and agreement. The NSC must be informed as soon as possible if any changes are made to the project, before it is conducted.

4) Conduct and reportcaret

Complete the project in accordance with the application and agreement for co-financing, and submit a final report in accordance with guidelines. Use the online report form.

5) Send invoicecaret

The exporter/producer pays all costs related to the project. After the report has been reviewed and approved by the NSC, the exporter/producer issues one invoice for the finally approved amount of co-financing.

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