Germany is an important market for Norwegian seafood, salmon and herring among other species. On this page you can find information about our activities in the markets, plans for 2024 and the latest statistics.

The German seafood market

The German seafood market is a dynamic and influential player in the global seafood industry, known for its diverse preferences and consumption patterns. For Norwegian exporters, this market presents both promising opportunities and notable challenges across various seafood segments. Notably, the salmon market in Germany has experienced significant growth in recent years, making it a key focus for Norwegian exporters. Norwegian salmon has secured a robust 91% market share, underscoring its vital role in Norway's seafood industry. The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in Germany is located in Hamburg. Our seafood envoy in Germany is Kristin Pettersen, where she works alongside market advisor Siri Cecilie Berke.

In addition to salmon, the whitefish segment in Germany, encompassing cod and saithe, offers potential for growth for Norwegian exporters. However, it also comes with its unique set of challenges, largely influenced by consumer preferences, sustainability concerns, and competition from other sources. Therefore, the German market is a critical focal point for Norwegian seafood exporters as they adapt to various trends and strategies to maintain and bolster their presence in the region.

The German seafood market plays an indispensable role in the global consumption of seafood products, with a particular emphasis on salmon and whitefish. In 2022, the market boasted a total seafood volume of 1,105,000 tons and a per capita consumption of 13.7 kg, signifying its significant importance to Norwegian seafood. Notably, the salmon segment in Germany has seen a remarkable increase in per capita consumption, reaching 2.2 kg, with an overwhelming 91% market share belonging to Norway, highlighting the country's dominance in this segment.

Conversely, the whitefish market has experienced shifts in consumption patterns, driven by considerations such as sustainability, convenience, and the impact of high inflation on consumer choices. While this market remains crucial for Norwegian exporters, it is imperative for them to reinforce their presence and effectively address the evolving market dynamics and trends.

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      The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in Germany is located in Hamburg. The director in Germany is Kristin Pettersen.

      Our marketing advisor in Germany is Siri Cecilie Berke.


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