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Norwegian shellfish is the recipe for success in the Nordic Michelin guide 2019

In all 64 Nordic restaurants received a total of 80 stars in the 2019 Nordic Michelin Guide ceremony, which took place in Aarhus in Denmark Monday evening. But what do these restaurants have in common, apart from being part of the ever emerging Nordic cuisine trend, and sporting stars in the world renowned restaurant guide?
King crab

New record: Norway seafood exports total NOK 8,6 billion in January 2019

In January 2019 Norway exported 200,600 tonnes of seafood worth NOK 8.6 billion. This is a reduction of 7,700 tonnes or 4 per cent in volume but an increase of NOK 992 million or 13 per cent in value compared with January 2018.
Salmon, Norway, Clipfish, Skrei, Herring, Mackerel

Norwegian seafood exports total NOK 99 billion in 2018

Norway has exported 2.7 million tonnes of seafood to reach a new record of NOK 99 billion in 2018. This represents a volume increase of 4 per cent and a value increase of 5 per cent, or NOK 4.6 billion compared to 2017. This equates to 37 million meals of seafood every day of 2018, or 25,700 meals per minute.
Salmon, Clipfish, Mackerel

Norwegian seafood exports exceed NOK 90 billion in 2018

Norway exported 276,000 tonnes of seafood to a value of NOK 9.9 billion in November. Volume fell by 8 per cent, while export value increased by 11 per cent or NOK 990 million compared with November 2017. So far this year, Norway has exported 2.5 million tonnes of seafood to a value of NOK 90.7 billion.
Salmon, Norway, Clipfish, Mackerel
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