There are restrictions to your use of the copyrighted material from Mediapool. Copyrighted material is all films, movies, pictures, photographs, and all other material you can download from Mediapool.

You can only use the copyrighted material as they are uploaded: You are not allowed to clip, retouch, edit or in any other way change the copyrighted material. Your access to Mediapool only gives you the right to use the copyrighted material as they are displayed.

You cannot sell the copyrighted material: You are only allowed to use the copyrighted material. You are not allowed to charge for use, sell or give access to the copyrighted material to third parties.

Third parties are not allowed to use the copyrighted material: Only you that have been granted access to Mediapool are allowed to use the copyrighted material.

Remember proper citation: All copyrighted material have included the name of the person who has created each copyrighted material. When you use the copyrighted material, you must properly cite who has created the copyrighted material and use the copyrighted material in accordance with terms specified for each copyrighted material.

Do not use "Seafood from Norway" in Norway: Some of our copyrighted material includes the text "Seafood from Norway" or the "SfN"-trademark. These copyrighted materials, or any other material that includes such text or trademarks, are not allowed to be used in Norway.

You are liable for your own use: You are responsible for your use of the copyrighted material. The Norwegian Seafood Council shall not be held liable if your use violates these terms and conditions.

Can only be used in connection with Norwegian seafood: Copyrighted materials obtained from Mediapool can only be used in connection with products that are eligible to use the "Seafood from Norway"-trademark and which are "Norwegian seafood" as defined by the Norwegian Seafood Council in the general guidelines and conditions for use of the trademark "Seafood from Norway".

This article regulates copyrighted material, made available in the Mediapool (

Copyrighted material is literary or artistic works of any kind, that is an expression of an original and induvial effort. Such works include literary works, musical works, audio-visual works, pictorial or graphical works, data software and other works mentioned in the Norwegian Copyright Act § 2.

Any copying from Mediapool without permission from the Norwegian Seafood Council, other than for own use, is strictly forbidden.

This prohibition applies to all forms of copying, reproduction, distribution, public display, and any derivative works, including cutting, editing and retouching.

Under the Norwegian Act of 15 June 2018, no. 40 on copyrighted works (The Norwegian Copyright Act) the originator of the original works of authorship holds exclusive rights to the protected works. This includes the exclusive right to produce copies of the works and publicly display the works in its original or derivative form.

All material provided by the Norwegian Seafood Council that is made available in Mediapool are to be considered copyrighted works and is protected under the Norwegian Copyright Act. The material includes all pictures, films, videos, text and all other copyrighted works. The Norwegian Seafood Council holds the rights to the copyrighted works, either as originator or by means of contractual agreement from the originator of the works to act on their behalf.

Use of copyrighted works are subject to prior permission and license from the Norwegian Seafood Council. The permissions and licenses issued by the Norwegian Seafood Council provide different degrees of rights and varies for each copyrighted work. The applicable rights for each copyrighted work are described for each work in Mediapool.

The rights to copyrighted works, provided by the Norwegian Seafood Council, may never exceed the rights in which the Norwegian Seafood Council has as an originator or in which the Norwegian Seafood Council has been granted by a third-party originator.

Use of copyrighted material must be credited to the Norwegian Seafood Council and the name of the originator must be cited. Copyrighted works obtained from Mediapool shall not be sold or used commercially, and any further distribution, except for the licensee's own use of the copyrighted works, is strictly prohibited.

Alterations or derivations of the copyrighted works obtained from Mediapool is prohibited. The copyrighted works must be used as they are presented and made available in Mediapool.

Copyrighted works, trademarks and other intellectual properties that include "Seafood from Norway" or "SFN" can only be used outside of Norway. Use of such copyrighted works are also subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Infringement of the Norwegian Copyright Act in respect of the above, may constitute a punishable offence and/or render the perpetrator liable for damages.

The Norwegian seafood council shall be indemnified and held harmless with respect to any and all claims, suits, demands or proceedings made or brought against The Norwegian seafood council, including but not limited to, defamation, commercial piracy, idea misappropriation, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and invasion of rights of privacy or any other unlawful use of the copyrighted works obtained from Mediapool.

The Norwegian seafood shall be promptly notified of any past, imminent, or present claim, suits, demands or proceedings regarding copyrighted works from Mediapool.

The information above is intended for guidance only and is not to be considered as comprehensive in scope and is given without legal recourse to the Norwegian Seafood Council.