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United Kingdom is one of the largest export markets for Norwegian white fish. On this page you can find information about our market activities in the UK, the latest statistics and more.

The British seafood market

The United Kingdom has historically been a significant market for Norwegian cod and haddock, forming a core aspect of the seafood trade between the two nations. The Norwegian Seafood Council established a permanent office in London in the summer of 2013. Our seafood envoy in the UK is Victoria Braathen. Additionally, Jocelyn Snowden works alongside her as the Senior PR Manager. The United Kingdom's seafood market, notably centered around whitefish, stands as a pivotal area for Norwegian seafood exporters. The introduction of a comprehensive free trade agreement, especially post-Brexit, solidifies the trade relations between Norway and the UK. However, the seafood market within the UK has shown a declining trend in consumption. Despite recommendations for higher seafood consumption by health professionals, UK consumers only consume around half of the recommended amount. While being a popular dish, traditional favorites like fish & chips face sourcing challenges, leading to a decline in overall servings in the food service sector.

The market dynamics of the UK seafood market reflect evolving consumer behaviors amidst increased costs. Retail consumption is decreasing, impacting the types and quantities of seafood purchased, with a preference for convenience and enjoyment over health and sustainability. The UK remains an established market for Norwegian seafood, but the physical presence of Norwegian species on packaging and marketing remains limited, influencing mental market share. Opportunities exist for increasing cooperation on seafood marketing and aligning with long-term sustainability trends. Moreover, while whitefish consumption through traditional dishes like fish & chips remains ingrained in UK traditions, new challenges from plant-based trends and growing costs impact the market's positioning, paving the way for a changing landscape in seafood consumption in the UK.

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    The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in United Kingdom is located in London. The director in the UK is Victoria Braathen.


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