Pristinely white flesh, succulent and with a delicate flavour, skrei is in a different league to its regular cod brothers. It is the result of the epic journey Norwegian skrei undertake every single winter. 

As they have done for thousands of years, cod from the depths of the icy Barents Sea migrate over 1,000 kilometres to the shores of Northern Norway every winter. It is a hazardous journey, a quest to find love, through icy waters and strong currents. 

This journey earns these cod the viking name skrei – meaning “the traveler”. Upon arrival in Norway the skrei cod is at its absolute physical prime, with the finest whitest flesh and the most incredible texture. 

For many years, the season of Norwegian skrei has been eagerly awaited by restaurateurs and chefs around Europe, who know that this is some of the finest produce the ocean has to offer. But the succulent and delicately flaky Norwegian skrei is not just reserved for fancy restaurants and elaborate dishes, it is also a fish any home chef or family cook is guaranteed to succeed with. 

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Kickstart your health in 2021 with centuries old traditions

In Norway, life along the long, rugged coastline has relied on the arrival of this seasonal and bountiful delicacy, and essential food. Its reliable return in the darkest and least livable months of the year, was a lifeline to communities. Once dried, skrei provided essential nutrition throughout the year, also outside the season. 

Norwegian skrei is not only tasty and versatile, but it also easily earns the badge “superfood” in nutritional terms. A typical portion of skrei should cover your entire daily recommended intake of Omega.-3, as well as plenty of vitamin A and B12, linked to a strong immune system, brain- and reproductive health to name a few. Skrei is also an incredibly lean choice, with 96 percent of the calories in a portion being protein. 

Top this with high levels of essentials like selenium and iodine has a number of health benefits, including skrei in your 2021 diet is a no-brainer for any health conscious consumer. 

The most sustainable cod stock on earth

What’s more, when choosing Norwegian skrei you can feel confident it is a good choice for the planet as well as your health. The Barents Sea cod stocks from which the skrei in Norway originates from is the world’s largest and the fisheries are considered one of the most sustainable in the world. 

Our fish – swimming, feeding, spawning in our cold, clear and nutrient-rich waters – are some of the most sustainable in the world and of the highest quality. Today you can’t have one without the other. But our focus is also on preserving this important, historic resource for the next generation. Fish is our heritage and our future too, which is why Norwegian seafood is all about trust: Trust in quality and trust in sustainability.

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Skrei campaigns in many markets

The arrival of our special cod is of course also supported by promotional activities in several markets, such as France, Spain, Germany and Sweden. Look our for Seafood from Norway skrei marketing materials and delicious looking recipes. 

Quick facts about skrei

•Skrei is a seasonal wild cod from Norway
•Skrei is a premium seasonal product and some of the best cod available
•Skrei means wanderer, referring to the 1000 km journey the cod makes each year from the Barents Sea to the coast off Northern Norway
•Fresh Skrei is only available between January and April
•Skrei is caught as it migrates from the Barents Sea to its spawning grounds along the Northern Norwegian coast
•Skrei hails from the world’s largest cod stock and is one of the most sustainable fish species you can eat.
•Skrei is often referred to as the king of cods and is one of the leanest types of fish because it stores fat in the liver and not in the muscles
•Skrei are typically larger than coastal cod and have a firm consistency with very white, flaky meat. Boasting a clean flavour, it is considered a culinary delicacy in many parts of the world

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