Board and management

Central to the board is the development of NSCs close cooperation with the companies within the Norwegian fisheries an aquaculture industry. The main goal is targeted market activities which is implemented either on behalf of or together with the seafood industry. NSCs activities shall, directly or indirectly contribute to either enhanced profitability, market orientation, reputation or further development of the Norwegian seafood industry.

Board members

Marianne Elisabeth Johnsen


Eva Maria Kristoffersen

Board member

Amund Drønen Ringdal

Board member

Hallgeir Ivan Bremnes

Board member

Knut Helge Vestre

Board member

Solveig Strand

Board member

Trond Tuvstein

Board member

Anette Grøttland Zimowski

Employee-elected board member

Johnny Thomassen

Employee-elected board member

Synne Guldbrandsen

Employee-elected board member


Renate Larsen

Managing Director

Børge Grønbech

Director of Global Operations

Chris Guldberg

Director, Communications and Public Affairs

Kristin Pettersen

Marketing Director

Rigmor Abel

Human Resources Director

Steinar Øvergaard

Director of Finance and Administration

Tom-Jørgen Gangsø

Director, Market Insight and Market Access

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