The Norwegian Seafood Council is a publicly owned organization and is the fisheries industry's joint organization for market development. This means that Norwegian Seafood Council employees act on behalf of others. This imposes strict integrity requirements.

The main principles of our ethical guidelines are that the Norwegian Seafood Council's employees must comply with:

  • Laws and regulations applicable in the country in which the employee works
  • Obligations arising from contracts between the Norwegian Seafood Council and others
  • Internationally recognized human rights
  • Standards for good behavior

The Norwegian Seafood Council's employees shall act in such a way that it entrusts trust and respect for business associates, colleagues and others whom they come into contact with in connection with their work.

Notification of critical circumstances 

The Norwegian Seafood Council encourages both its own employees and external individuals to alert the organization when critical circumstances arise. Notification can be made directly to us. This can be addressed to CEO Renate Larsen,, or chairman Marianne Elisabeth Johnsen,

Notices can also be made directly to the Norwegian Seafood Council's external warning address.