The US is a growing market for Norwegian seafood exports. On this page you can find information about our plans and activities in the market, the latest statistics and more.

The US seafood market

The US seafood market presents as a large and exciting opportunity for Norwegian exports across various segments. Norwegian salmon, holding a 20% market share of the total salmon imports, stands as a contender in a market predominantly led by Chilean salmon. Despite consistent growth and a reputation for high quality, challenges persist in terms of limited labeling and a lower mental market share compared to its actual presence. The market's increasing focus on health and sustainability aligns with Norwegian salmon's attributes, yet threats of protectionist attitudes and inflation pose challenges, prompting Norway to navigate these challenges, while also enhancing market visibility. The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in the USA is located in Boston, where Anne-Kristine Øen is the seafood envoy in the USA.

In the shellfish domain, particularly in king crab and snow crab, Norway maintains a notable presence in the US market. Known for consistent high quality, these crabs face challenges regarding limited origin awareness and branding. However, with bans on Russian imports and the prospect of MSC certification for Norwegian snow crab in 2024, opportunities emerge in a market dominated by Canadian imports and a growing emphasis on food sustainability. The complexities in brand building and logistics require attention as Norwegian shellfish thrive in food service but seek enhanced visibility in retail.

The US trout seafood market witnesses Norway holding a stable 35% market share, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and GMO/antibiotic-free produce. Despite complexities in market structure and limited availability throughout the country, Norwegian trout benefits from health-conscious trends and increased interest in frozen products. Challenges revolve around minimal Norwegian label visibility, affecting general consumer awareness. However, Norway navigates these hurdles amidst geopolitical tensions and inflation while aiming to leverage evolving consumer trends in the US trout market.

Within the US cod market, Norway, though a smaller player, captures a 6-7% market share. Challenges arise from limited Norwegian identity on consumer-faced products and compliance issues with the Seafood Import Monitoring Program (SIMP). Nevertheless, Norwegian cod gains traction for its quality, sustainability, taste, and freshness. As health consciousness and sustainability grow, Norway navigates these challenges while tapping into consumer interests in cooking at home, striving to maintain a foothold amidst potential protectionist attitudes and economic fluctuations in the American seafood market.

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      The Norwegian Seafood Council's US office is located in Boston. The director in the United States is Anne-Kristine Øen.



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