Japan is an important market for Norwegian seafood, especially salmon and mackerel. On this page you can find information about our plans for Japan in 2024, the latest statistics and more.


The japanese seafood market

In Japan, Norway is widely known for three things: salmon, mackerel, and its breathtaking nature. This reputation reflects the quality and exceptional attributes ingrained within Norway’s seafood products, and carries significant weight, particularly in one of the most important markets for both Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The Norwegian Seafood Council's operations in Japan are based in Tokyo, led by Johan Kvalheim, our seafood envoy, with Mia Sæthre Bernhardsen serving as manager, complemented by the expertise of market advisors Paul Y. Tsai and Junko Kubota. This dedicated team plays a pivotal role in amplifying Norway's seafood excellence, fostering strong connections, and further solidifying Norway's position in the Japanese seafood market.

Japan, renowned for its extensive seafood consumption, boasted in 2020 a 5.8-million-ton seafood market and a per capita seafood consumption of 46.2 kg. Norway's presence in the Japanese market is significant, with strong dominance in the salmon sector, although challenges related to fresh salmon transportation and long-term pricing have affected sales. Japan's focus on salmon consumption has spurred innovation, particularly in the retail sector, where salmon for raw consumption gains popularity. Norwegian salmon maintains a robust presence due to high awareness and a continuous supply, aligning with the trend of Japanese consumers deciding on seafood purchases in stores.

Additionally, the Norwegian mackerel market in Japan faces distinct challenges, including tariff disparities compared to European Union and Great Britain. Despite these challenges, Norway maintains a dominant position in the Japanese Atlantic mackerel market, capitalizing on taste preferences and collaboration with the value chain. While Norwegian mackerel encounters low consumer awareness regarding its origin and the SNF-mark, there are opportunities for growth through increased B2B activities, a premium catch focus, and the rising demand for mackerel as domestic supply wanes. Thus, Japan remains an essential market in Norway's global seafood export strategy, offering opportunities and challenges in both the salmon and mackerel sectors.

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

Tokyo, Japan

Welcome to the annual Mackerel seminar and the Norway/Japan seafood seminar in Tokyo on Thursday 6th of June.

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    The Norwegian Seafood Council's office in Japan is located in Tokyo. The director in Japan is Johan Kvalheim. 

    Our marketing advisors in Japan are Mia Sætre Bernhardsen and Junko Kubota.



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