Tariff quotas to the EU

On this page we present an updated overview of the tariff quotas to the EU. The overview is updated daily.


Tariff quotas to the EU

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Information to exporters

When possible, GATT- og autonomous quotas should be utilized before using preferential quotas.

Quota types

Quotas included in The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. GATT-quotas are utilized by all WTO countries. 

Autonomous quotas
Quotas that have been set by the EU to ensure free imports of raw material to the processing industry. The quotas can be utilized by all countries. 

Autonomous quotas are more important than GATT-quotas, and the utilization is higher.

To be able to utilize autonomous quotas, there are certain conditions that need to be fullfilled. The importer of the goods needs to be listed at the customs authorities in the member country where the goods are traded. 

Goods that are imported using autonomous quotas are meant for processing in the EU.

The following are considered as sufficient processing:

Cutting in slices, dices, strips and rings
Production of herring butterflies
Cutting of frozen fillet blocks
Division of frozen interleaved-packaged fillets

The following processes are not considered sufficient:

Removal of heads and tails
Re-packing fillets

Preferential quotas
Quotas that are meant as an addition to the original EEA-deal, also calles Norway quotas. It is recommended to use the GATT- or autonomous quotas before using the preferential quotas.  

When fish og fishery products are exported using e preferential quota, Norway needs to be entered as the country of origin.


Please contact us if you have questions about customs, origin or other conditions regarding exports of seafood.

Øystein Valanes Head of Market Access
Peter Kristoffer AlexandersenAdvisor, Market Access