This page presents the main data sources used for Market Insight.

Trade statistics

The Seafood council buys trade statistics for 26 countries including Norway. In addition NSC buys statistics for the EU from Eurostat. 

Important to consider when using trade statistics: 

Even if a commodity is exported from Norway to market X, it is not given that this market is the end market for the commodity. Some countries operate as a HUB or a processing market. For example, in the Eurostat numbers, the first border crossing into the EU is treated as the importing country. 


Norwegian export numbers for the latest full month are updated on the third working day of the current month. Weekly export numbers are updated on Wednesdays. For other countries the date varies, but the data is updated monthly as soon as the data is received.

Trade flow analysis

To solve the issues mentioned above, the Norwegian seafood council has done trade flow analysis in collaboration with Kontali for selected species and markets. The analysis is done to help define the actual end markets for Norwegian seafood.

For more information about the the trade flow analysis, please contact:, the trade flow publications can also be found on the reports page.

Household panel data

(Source: Gfk/Kantar worldpanel)

The Seafood council buys household panel data from Gfk/Kantar. The numbers are collected via household panels. A sample of households in the markets register their purchases and the numbers are aggregated to represent the market. The seafood council buys household panel data for the following markets:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Since the numbers are based on a sample, the trends are representative for the market, but the numbers do not cover the total market. More thorough information about the use of household panel data can be found in the reports concerning household panel data. 


The numbers are updated monthly. Numbers for the previous period are usually ready 3-5 weeks after the end of a period.

Scantrack/Store data

(Source: Nielsen)

The Seafood council buys store sales data from Nielsen IQ in the US and Norway. 

Nielsen IQ buys the numbers directly from the retailers. The numbers do not include special shops or online, but cover most of the retailers in each market. More thorough information about the data can be found in the reports concerning this data source.  


Consumer studies

The Seafood council has conducted yearly consumer studies since 2012. About 1000 respondents per country participate each year.

In 2020 the study went through a larger revision. More information about the consumer studies can be found in the reports.