The seminar is postponed and will NOT be held at the 10th of February.


Welcome to the traditional clipfish seminar in Portugal. This is the tenth time the seminar is held, and entry is restricted to Norwegian and Portugese seafood industry.


  • Welcome
    Tove Bruvik Westberg, ambassador of Norway
  • Fisheries and captures of cod
    Charles Aas, sales director, Norges Råfisklag (The Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization)
  • The Global Cod Market
    Eivind Hestvik Brækkan, seafood analyst, Norwegian Seafood Council
  • Future of Bacalhau seen from a Portugese producers view
    Vitor Lucas, CEO, Lugrade SA
  • Future of Bacalhau seen from a Norwegian producers view
    Bjørg Helen Nøstvold, managing director, Norfra
  • Food consumption trends in Portugal
    Carlos Cotos, country manager, Kantar
  • Evolution of the retail and HORECA market for Bacalhau in Portugal
    Tiago Montenegro, new business development manager, NielsenIQ
  • Importance of teaching present and future chefs about Bacalhau da Noruega (BdN)
    Carlos Madeira, president ACPP (Association of Portugese professional chefs)
  • How to promote BdN in social media, and my role as a BdN ambassador
    Joana Barrios, influencer ambassador for BdN
  • Bacalhau da Noruega activities in Portugal 2021
    Johnny Thomassen, director Portugal, Norwegian Seafood Council
  • The saltfish market in Spain
    Bjørn-Erik Stabell, director Spain, Norwegian Seafood Council
  • The Brazilian market
    Øystein Valanes, director Brazil, Norwegian Seafood Council