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The Middle East is a growing region for Norwegian seafood. On this page you can read about our work in the region, in addition to information about market access, our plans for 2024 and more.


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The seafood market in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern seafood market provides a significant opportunity for Norwegian seafood exporters, with salmon being a crucial focus. Markets like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates stand out for their substantial market size and growing demand for salmon, where Norway dominates as a major exporter. These countries show a high consumption rate of salmon compared to other markets in the region, signaling a promising trajectory for Norwegian seafood. However, while the region exhibits a robust reputation for Norwegian seafood, there remains an opportunity to enhance consumer awareness regarding the country of origin. Additionally, the UAE and Saudi Arabia display promising trends in their restaurant sectors, indicating a potential demand for a wider variety of seafood, including whitefish.

While operations in the region were hitherto centralized at the Tromsø headquarters, the Seafood Council's decision to establish a new field office in the Middle East—targeting Israel, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia—marks a pivotal stride toward steering future endeavors and nurturing stronger connections in this pivotal region.

Furthermore, while the Middle Eastern market primarily recognizes Norwegian salmon, there's a growing potential for farmed and wild-caught cod from Norway. Despite the challenges posed by low traditional seafood consumption and geopolitical sensitivity, the Middle East exhibits considerable purchasing power and an increasing appetite for healthy protein sources. The region's robust investments, particularly in tourism, signify growing opportunities for Norway's seafood offerings. The evolving landscape in the Middle Eastern market provides both challenges and opportunities for Norwegian seafood, emphasizing the need to diversify beyond salmon and enhance consumer awareness about the country of origin.

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    Activity plan salmon 2024

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     Download our activity plan for salmon in 2024

    Activity plan salmon 2024

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      The Norwegian Seafood Council’s regional manager of the Middle East is Ørjan Kjærvik Olsen. Ørjan is performing his tasks from the main office i Tromsø.

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