The annual stockfish, clipfish and saltfish seminar in Italy is conducted in week 38, with programmes on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st September in Genoa. 

The Norwegian Seafood Council looks forward to gathering the Norwegian and Italian industries to shed light on and discuss new insights for stockfish, clipfish and salt fish. NCS will present two completely fresh studies during the event.

We plan a roadshow with a presence in four different arenas, where the purpose is to promote Norwegian conventional products for both the Italian value chain and consumers.

The seminar in week 38 is precisely why the week between the festivals in Badalucco and Sandrigo is added, so that the seminar can be combined with both customer visits and participation at either both or one of the festivals.

We want your feedback on what activities may be relevant and we plan to engage in dialogue with you around participation in the arenas in the coming weeks. We can highly recommend connecting to the activities so that we can have a good interaction around the ancestry marketing and their own marketing. 

We look forward to this autumn's programme and the good dialogue with you around the programme. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the activities. 

Gunvar L. Wie:

Registration and program are coming.