The Norwegian Seafood Council are today launching a new country of origin mark for Norwegian seafood, “Seafood from Norway”. The new mark guarantees the origins of seafood from Norway and contributes towards a stronger position for Norwegian seafood globally.

- Seafood is one of Norway's most important export industries, and has the potential to become our strongest brand globally. With the new mark, we position Norway as the origin and guarantor of the world's best seafood. Our objective is to build a brand the whole seafood industry can be proud of, and which will further develop the industry towards a future in where seafood is our most important export product, says Renate Larsen, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Larsen adds:

- Norway has natural prerequisites for delivering the world's best seafood; The cold and clear sea provides a unique flavour. Norwegian authorities play an active role in sustainable management of seafood resources. The people who work in this industry with long traditions are creating new innovations. The industry is benefiting from world-class research, management and technology development. We have much to be proud of as a seafood industry and as a seafood nation.

Norwegians have exported seafood products for thousands of years. Dried fish followed the journeys of the Vikings both as a core part of their diet, and as a trading commodity. Bacalhau da Noruega, the authentic clipfish, dates back to the 1690s. In modern times, Norwegian salmon can be found in 140 markets worldwide. Live king crab is today sent to discerning and quality-focused customers in Dubai, New York and Seoul. From Norway, skrei, cod, saithe, herring, mackerel and cold water prawns have found their way to dinner tables all over the world.

The Norwegian Seafood Council wants the new mark to help increase visibility and recognition globally across markets, products and species. It gives a clear signal of Norwegian origin, and is different from most other labels of origin, which is a deliberate choice. Norwegian seafood should appear as a part of our nature and deeply connected to the people who work in the industry. Unique, standing tall and proud to represent seafood from Norway.

- Extensive tests in our key markets, both in Europe and Asia, confirmed that we now have a stronger brand that works across species and markets, says Larsen.

- The world is changing, consumer preferences have changed, and the Norwegian seafood industry has developed. Norway is today the world's second largest seafood exporter - and the potential for further growth is even greater. The new mark will carry the seafood industry into the future and clarify the role of the Norwegian Seafood Council, said Marianne E. Johnsen, Chair of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The new brand was launched at one of the year's most important seafood events. At the Norwegian Seafood Council’s stand during the world's largest fisheries event in Brussels, where industry actors, media and fisheries minister Per Sandberg were present during the digital presentation of the country of origin mark.

- This label will become a symbol for Norwegian seafood globally. When Japanese of Brazilian consumers find Norwegian seafood on supermarket shelves it should be labelled with this country of origin mark. It guarantees the product originates in Norway. I look forward to seeing it the next time I am visiting a supermarket or fishmonger abroad, Per Sandberg, Minister of Fisheries, said after the launch in Brussels.

The Norwegian design agency Uniform, has developed the new country of origin mark on behalf of the Norwegian Seafood Council.

- Through good and close cooperation, we have succeeded in creating a future-oriented concept that enhances instead of competing with companies' own logos or brands. This has been one of the foremost goals with the mark, says the project's manager, Marketing Director Kristin Pettersen at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The mark is designed to trigger associations of Norwegian mountains reflected in the ocean; mountains, sea and horizon binding them together.

- We want to reflect the uniqueness of Norway; The cold clear sea, our natural conditions, our respect for nature, our coastal culture and our origins. We hope this pride is clearly communicated through the new country of origin mark, says Creative Director Tone Bergan at Uniform.


  • Norway is the second largest seafood exporter in the world, after China
  • For nearly 70 per cent of consumers, in the most important markets for Norwegian seafood, country of origin is an important factor in choosing what to buy
  • The Norwegian Seafood Council administrates the use of the country of origin mark, which is a common, voluntary branding scheme for the entire Norwegian seafood industry
  • The Norwegian Seafood Council previously promoted the origin of Norwegian seafood through the NORWAY mark, which has been a significant part of the brand and reputation portfolio for Norwegian seafood. The mark was launched 17 years ago, and so the timing is right for revitalisation
  • The Norwegian Seafood Council has undertaken extensive analysis of awareness, value and perceptions surrounding the former NORWAY label as a part of the development process for the new "Seafood from Norway" mark
  • The country of origin mark is used in Norwegian Seafood Council activities, as well as by industry actors, importers, distributors, manufacturers and retail chains. The label guarantees that the product has a Norwegian origin