Welcome to our traditional clipfish seminar in Estoril, Portugal. This is the eight time the seminar is held, and entry is restricted to Norwegian and Portuguese seafood industry.

Registration starts at 13:30, Seminar at 14:30


- Renate Larsen, Managing director NSC - "Welcome to this years clipfish seminar"

- Anders Erdal, The Norwegian embassy in Portugal - "Norway and Portugal; a longstanding cooperation in fish" 

- Knut Hallvard Lerøy, Head of Operations, Lerøy Seafood - "The future of whitefish, as seen from one of Norway’s biggest whitefish companies"

- Goncalo Bastos, Administrador, Caxamar - "The future of clipfish from a Portuguese producers perspective”

- Øystein Valanes, Country director, NSC Brazil - "Market outlook from Brazil"

- Charles Aas, Norwegian fishermens sales organization - "The Norwegian fisherman’s perspective on a changing whitefish industry”

- Johnny Thomassen, Country director, NSC Portugal - "Market outlook from Portugal"

- David Hughes, emeritus professor of food marketing, Imperial college London - "Clipfish as part of the changing global food trends"

- Ingrid Kristine Pettersen, seafood analyst, NSC - "An update on the global whitefish market"

Aperitif from 18:30, Dinner 19:00